The Eden Story

1992. Besant Nagar

Eden's origins can be traced to an unremarkable building in then sleepy suburb of Besant Nagar.

It was here that Aparna, Subha and Venkatesh established Eden as South Chennai's first vegetarian restaurant serving a selection outside of the manchurians and medhu vadas. As catering graduates with a finger on the pulse of the "Vegetarian Madrasi" (which term also encompasses the Marwaris, Gujaratis et al who have made this city their home), the trio put together a menu that was innovative in terms of bringing 'Continental' cuisine, then the preserve of five-star hotels, into the mainstream and letting it happily co-exist with the Tandoori Gobi and Butter Dosai. Each dish was perfected to a finer form, adhering to the "lightly spiced, low on oil, high on taste" yardstick that has remained Eden's signature to this day. Many of the dishes on the Eden menu have gone on to become 'Chennai staples' and now feature at other restaurant menus.

Two decades on...

Eden has branched out to Nungambakkam (2004) and Anna Nagar (2006), now reaching almost all corners of this sprawling city. The menu has seen just marginal changes, yet the food continues to delight first-timers as much as veteran patrons.

The secret of this can be found in our kitchens, in Ghiyasuddin and Kumar who have manned the stoves since the time Eden opened its doors. And in Murugan and Rajan, now serving a second generation of families who have remained faithful to Eden.



From the archives - courtesy The Hindu, 29 Nov 2004

Eden has, in these times of brand franchising and expansion, remained steadfast to the promise of serving you with honesty, passion and a true love for serving you good food at every mealtime. From choosing the choicest ingredients, the freshest veggies and fruits every day, and tasting every item that we cook to ensure that perfection is a standard, we are obstinate about the quality that goes into every plate we serve. Even as we have the city's elite and connoisseurs of good food eating out of our hands, we yet remain at heart the small team that gave it's all to build a restaurant that would embody great taste and value for money.

It is the kind of old-fashioned commitment that’s rare in today's hospitality industry, the kind that is focussed on building an 'institution' rather than a 'brand'.